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With over 450 episodes Car Gonzalez has been releasing bitcoin & crypto podcasts for over 4 years to his listeners. He has seen it all in this space and has the track record to prove it. He dives into all the latest trends and projects you need to know about. He gives careful insights and analysis on all the latest developments in the bitcoin and crypto industry. He provides around the clock coverage of all the big bitcoin and crypto conferences around the globe. He interviews some of the biggest names in the industry and offers level headed thinking on all the latest news. He gathers all the information you would need to stay ahead of the curve on your investments. There is no better podcast to provide all the analysis and information you would need to better understand the bitcoin and crypto industry — Thriller Podcast by Car Gonzalez.

Recommended by many bitcoin, crypto investors as “one of the most up to date sources of analysis on bitcoin and crypto”, Thriller Podcast has subscribers from over 160 different countries, including executives in both bitcoin, crypto and financial industries impacted by distributed ledger technology, venture capitalists, investors, and thousands of other retail investors interested in understanding how and why bitcoin and crypto is changing the world.

Car Gonzalez

Technologist, Bitcoin & Crypto Journalist, Analyst & Researcher



Thriller X Recordings was created by me, Car Gonzalez it is an American creation label. Creating interesting alternative media & digital products in the current zeitgeist. I am based in Austin, Texas where I live with my wife and two boxers.

I currently work full time for a Managed Service Provider where I am a System Administrator for networks that are critical parts of businesses located in the Central Texas area. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. Whether that is organizing, installing, and supporting an organization’s computer systems & servers, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems. I have certifications in Cisco and Microsoft.

I have been creating Thriller Podcast since early 2017, and it has grown far bigger than I ever anticipated. If you want to check out more of what I do sign up for my newsletter.


I occasionally agree to speaking engagements for both public and private events. Compensation will vary based on the nature of the client and event, as well as the topic. Ideal topics are in-line with the topics covered here on Thriller Podcast, although tailored topics can be negotiated.


I am no longer doing any consulting at this time.

Please contact me to learn more.

Ethics Statement

My goal is to be a truly independent bitcoin, crypto analyst, researcher, journalist a commitment that is about more than just having a self sustaining income.


To be observed:

  • I am not paid by any company, project, foundation or individual for any opinion I post on Thriller Podcast or in any public forum, including podcasts and Twitter or any other social media accounts.

  • I do hold some Bitcoin and other digital assets. I also do hold a 401k and IRA account that invest in a wide-ranging basket of stocks, over which I have no control.

  • I pay for all of my own travel and expenses when I attend bitcoin, crypto conferences or events.

In addition, I have talked extensively about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto and I rely solely on public information unless explicitly stated. In addition, as of 2019, I do not take consulting or speaking arrangements with companies, projects, foundations or individuals I cover and I disclosed my activity when this was done. Thriller Premium substack subscriptions are 99.1% majority of our income at Thriller X Recordings (Please note we also do accept crypto donations, making up less then 1%.) ;this is purposeful on my part as I want our incentives to be aligned with our listeners’.

I take my personal integrity and the integrity of Thriller Podcast and the Thriller X site very seriously. While I will make (and have made) mistakes, I will always strive to correct them quickly and publicly, and take active steps to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes in the future. On the flip side, I do not take or have ever taken any ICO, STO, IEO, Bitcoin or any crypto currencies or utility tokens for coverage on Thriller Premium or Thriller X

If you have any concerns or questions about this ethics policy please do not hesitate to  contact me.


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