Car González

Analyst, Researcher, Journalist.

Founder of Thriller X Recordings LLC, Co-Founder Austin Bitcoin Club

About Thriller X Recordings LLC

Thriller X Recordings LLC was created by me, Car González it is an American creation label. Creating interesting alternative media & digital products in the current bitcoin & ⚡ zeitgeist. I am based in Austin, Texas where I live with my wife and two boxer pups. I am also the Co-founder of the local Austin Bitcoin Club.

I have been creating Thriller since early 2017, in late 2020 I started the Thriller X Recordings LLC and am the sole owner of the company. My personal investment was the startup capital that started Thriller X Recordings LLC and to date we do not have any investors. Our goal right now is to create interesting-alternative media and digital products in the current bitcoin & ⚡ zeitgeist. My primary focus right now is Austin Bitcoin Club and Thriller "Creations" inside of Thriller X Recordings LLC. 

Car González Speaking & Consulting Fees

Reach out via email first.

  • Speakings

  • Podcast related

  • Working together on a specific media project

  • A simple 30 min business meeting

  • Consulting

    • Consulting on "Bitcoin Only" project/hardware.

    • Analysis, research or journalistic piece.

  • Must be in line with what I do with Austin Bitcoin Club, Thriller "Creations" or Thriller X Recordings LLC.

My Ethics Statement on Bitcoin Journalism.

My goal has always been to be a truly independent Bitcoin journalist, analyst, researcher, podcaster a commitment that is about more than just having a self sustaining income.

  • I am not paid by any company, project, foundation or individual for any opinion I post on any Thriller "Creation" or in any public forum, including podcasts and Twitter or any other social media accounts.

  • I am only 100% Bitcoin as I have looked at everything else and realized we only get one shot at changing the world for humanity. I do not hold a 401k and IRA account anymore.

  • I pay for all of my own travel and expenses when I attend industry conferences or events. Sometimes I receive a press pass but most times often than not I have to pay for the full conference pass price.

In addition, I have talked extensively about Bitcoin, industry and I rely solely on public information unless explicitly stated. Donations and Startup Capital are now 100% majority of our income at Thriller X Recordings LLC; this is purposeful on my part as I want our incentives to be aligned with our mission.

I take my personal integrity and the integrity of Thriller "Creations" and the Thriller X Recordings LLC brand very seriously. While I will make (and have made) mistakes, I will always strive to correct them quickly and publicly, and take active steps to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes in the future. On the flip side, I do not take or have ever taken any ICO, STO, IEO, or any crypto currency or utility tokens for coverage on any past Thriller "Creations" and/or through Thriller X Recordings LLC.

If you have any concerns or questions about this ethics policy please do not hesitate to contact me.

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