This is just another reason not to trust anything Justin Sun is involved in, he is a bad actor in this space. It is also no surprise CZ is not involved as well. Its one thing to want to move over the Steemit apps to the Tron network, but to use your leverage and friends to make it happen...well like I said everything Justin touches goes to....

This is no bueno...Jack was the reason I came back to Twitter after abandoning it in early 2010. Rumors also going around that a Paul Singer will be replacing him. Now more then ever we need a decentralized twitter...yes we have Peepeth but its not quite there. Might be time to embrace Mastadon.

The latest episode of The Simpsons, one of the longest-running American TV shows, has just explained how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work.
In the episode "Frinkcoin" (S31, E13), Professor Frink introduces cryptocurrency to Lisa Simpson via "TV's most beloved scientist, Mr. Jim Parsons" - who played Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.
Parsons goes on to explain, "the really cool subject of distributed consensus-based cryptocurrency."

Pretty amazing stuff...they also called crypto the cash of the future. We all know how accurate The Simpsons are in predicting the future. 😉