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Tendermint has announced that 10 engineers and researchers working on Cosmos’s core technology are parting ways with the startup. They will continue to work independently on the platform and its forthcoming Inter Blockchain Protocol. Tendermint, meanwhile, will focus on the community, develop the Cosmos SDK and founder Jae Kwon’s new project Virgo. The company’s Director of Product, Jack Zampolin, subsequently told us that he had also departed. And Tuesday’s announcement adds Director of Security Jessy Irwin to the roll call of resignations. The core development of Cosmos will now relocate to Berlin, and operate as a “new, independent Berlin-based GmbH,” said the announcement. It will run as a cooperative without a CEO, the Cosmos spokesperson further explained, ruling out Manian’s formal involvement. The remainder of the company will “coordinate with the new team and communicate updates to the greater Cosmos community,”  develop the Cosmos SDK (Software Development Kit ) team and a bootstrapping team for Kwon’s new project Virgo, according to the announcement.

Such a sad day for fans of Cosmos, this project had great promise, reminds me of what happened to QTUM. I plan on selling my $ATOMs no use backing something that has not proven decentralization and with now everyone moving over to Virgo. Cosmos has a long road ahead.

One of my favorites things to do is listen to podcasts especially podcasts on Bitcoin & Crypto. This particular episode is a jewel...Dan gives tremendous insight on how OTC desks work in the industry. He also gives us inside knowledge on how these particular investment firms pick their cryptocurrency holdings and how most of them do not understand the merit of a great crypto project or even how to evaluate one when they see it, basically shows how non technical these firms are.

Listen Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/on-the-brink-with-castle-island/id1480586463?i=1000458434762