• ETHDenver's radical experiment to use Dai to buy food had mixed results.

  • Good news, 60% of transactions went through.

  • Bad news, 40% didn't.

I seem to recall Austin Griffith Burner wallet not being entirely bad if at all. It actually functioned quite well during last years, Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn. They only bad experience that I recall was just the long lines and the wait for the food to be ready. Sounds like this year it is much different.

After the publication of the book by Saifedean Ammous (“The Bitcoin Standard“) the stock-to-flow approach - which had its origins in commodity-market analysis - has begun to be used as a tool to analyse Bitcoin. This is in line with the basic idea behind Bitcoin, which was explicitly designed as a new monetary good and geared to precious metal forms of money. Accordingly, new bitcoins cannot be mined indiscriminately. At the same time, Bitcoin is purely digital and is therefore frequently referred to as “digital gold.” The stock-to-flow approach provides a simple quantitative framework for analysing the (price) trend followed by Bitcoin: it is a metric which has a high explanatory power and makes Bitcoin comparable to gold and its closer cousins. In particular, extrapolating Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio into the future generates interesting insights: the inference to be drawn is that Bitcoin will already have a similarly high stock-to-flow ratio as gold in the coming year. How is this possible?

The closer we get to the halvening the more and more this term is used. The research team at Bayern LB put together a nice 7 page document. However they have not taken into account the dip following the halvening.

Today, we are excited to announce that you can now store Chainlink (LINK), Golem (GNT), Numeraire (NMR), Orchid (OXT), and Storj (STORJ) at Gemini Custody™, a Qualified Custodian.
We recently secured the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry for Gemini Custody and completed a SOC 2 Type 2 exam. You deserve a safe and trusted place to store your crypto — trust is our product.
Additionally, we have developed customizable security and governance controls, including multi-user approval processes that you can tailor to your organization’s needs. You can also register a hardware security token or deploy biometrics as a two-factor authentication method for your account.

Gemini going the route of Coinbase and adding a few VC coins to the stable. It is worth noting that Gemini is one of the safest exchanges to store your crypto and the most highly regulated. Not mention they have the Winklevoss Capital to make the best network security hires in the industry.


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