• Car Gonzalez

Bitcoin Dips Below 10Kđź’°

The crypto market has retraced slightly in the middle of an unexpected market rally. The rally, which began on January 2—when the crypto market was worth $185 billion—pushed prices up across the board, with the crypto market peaking at $288 billion. Today, prices fell somewhat, knocking $8 billion of the current crypto market cap.
The bearish momentum began earlier this morning, after almost $200 was cleaved from the value of Bitcoin in less than an hour. After some further damage, BTC now stands at just over $9,800.

from Decrypt

Its very obvious to me we have reached a threshold, Bitcoin has been on a parabolic run since the beginning of January and a retest back to $9300 is inevitable. I still do believe will be above 10K coming out of February and all sky into March.