• Car Gonzalez

Bitcoin in 2021 is very reminiscent to 2013

Bitcoin Charts by Bitcoin Jack via Twitter

A Repeat of 2013?

Bitcoin's parabolic rise during 2013 from $13 to $1,100 caught the attention of the mainstream media and brought many new investors to the market. For those who bought in at the top, the sudden crash to below $700 and the continuing slide downwards to a low of just over $200 by mid-January 2015 hit hard. Many of these people decided to cut their losses and cash out during this period, thinking that it was the end of the road for Bitcoin.

Most of the data in 2021 is showing that we are in for a double top very similar to what we had in 2013. Now what the passage above didn't mention was that we ran from $13 dollars to $200 dollars in a matter of a couple of months to start the year in 2013.

Does that remind you of something...it should Bitcoin just did that exact thing this year and its not done. When does it start you say? Well it actually is easier to tell you when it finishes. Now I go into far more detail on the latest Thriller Insights.

But lets just say it runs to 75K and ends before the end of March. To get more detailed analysis well you just have to sign up for premium. The interesting thing about all this, most traders are not aware yet so they will not see it coming when this takes place. They will be left thinking the Bull Run of 2021 ended early not realizing they are making the same mistakes their bitcoin brethren did in 2013.


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