• Car Gonzalez

Bitcoin to 75K by March🚀

Bitcoin is at it again. Last month, the price of the virtual currency quietly breached a new all-time high, cruising well past its prior peak of $19K set in 2017, and has been hovering around $36K at the time of writing.

If you compare this cycle's Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT) pattern to that of the previous cycles, it is quite clear that this current bull run got heated faster after the halving than the 2017 run did, at a pace that is much similar to that of the 2013 double-tops which we previously covered.

This year we have only fallen 20%. In 2013 Bitcoin moved from $240 to $410 in one week, in 2017 moved from $2400 to 4100 in one week and did same thing in 2020 moving from $24000 to $41000 in one week.

We discuss all this and why I believe we are headed for an absolute rocket ship to $75K in March.

I also have some other interesting news that fuels this rocket even further that you will just have to listen to find out what is not being shared out there in the Bitcoin and Crypto space...

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