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Car Gonzalez - Austin, Texas - May 2021 announces Thriller X Recordings LLC.

Updated: Jul 29

Thriller X Recordings LLC, looks to change how news and investigative reporting will be created.

Welcome to our new site. Thriller X Recordings, LLC can now be accessed using going forward and where we will share updates about business, trends, news, and much more.

“An American creation label to reimagine how we introduce media into the world. Not everything has to be built around a profit for it to succeed on its own merit. Not everything has be built around ads, clicks, listeners, and comscores. Fact based checked news, trusted sources, investigative reporting, and integrity are all things everyday humans and society are searching for in media today. Build this first and people will come.”

In the year of COVID we have seen a trend on why mainstream media is dying, which leads us to believe that people are searching for small independent journalist they can trust. We have been creating content as Thriller Podcast Media since early 2017; and most listeners and subscribers of our publications know we are a brand that has integrity.

Will this be self sustainable?

Our hope is to avoid any outside influences and rely solely on our independent investigations and we are currently building towards that future. Additionally in the future, we would like to grow as a brand by incorporating and funding smaller niche brands, to grow together in this industry.

Our first media creation was Thriller Premium, which is our 100% Bitcoin focused media publication. Thriller Premium is home to our independent media-project solely for bitcoin, dating back to 2019. In over 250 episodes, we have released bitcoin podcasts to our subscribers with an ad-free experience, as well as total and complete transparency. We have been up-front, honest, and well researched in the industry.

Birth Crypto Death is continuing on as a behind the scene conversation of Thriller Premium and around building Thriller X Recordings LLC. This is an inside look at the trials and tribulations of building a media company from scratch. I will share anything that I have learned along the way that could be helpful to others looking to build a similar company. Please reach out if you would like to work together.

We have archived our past show Thriller Crypto; however all old episodes will live on forever as a reminder of what we learned and how much we've grown. Basically we learned that Ethereum and everything but Bitcoin is a scam.

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