• Car Gonzalez

Civil's Lack Of Interest

In 2018 I had the opportunity to check out a panel with some of the contributors of the Civil Project. At the time I thought it was an interesting project/token...but during the panel I couldn't help but notice how unexcited these panelist were about the possibilities of a decentralized news room. It wasn't until after the panel that I asked a couple of the panelists for a quick blurb for Thriller Crypto podcast. It was surprising when they asked what publication I was with, at the time I let them know it was an independent bitcoin and crypto podcast covering the events from today. I was met with a "No, not interested." At the time I thought it was surprising being they were creating a decentralized news room but didn't want to talk with people who would go for something like this.

From time to time I would receive a newsletter from them about the Civil project updates and newsrooms they had added. It was very much later I concluded this wasn't about creating decentralized media or starting in this direction. It was more about the optics of it all.

I am not surprised with the news, it was regretfully painfully obvious from the beginning.