• Car Gonzalez

DCEP: China’s National Digital Currency

China's national digital currency (DCEP) will be issued to local government employees in the city of Suzhou in May, a local news outlet reported on Thursday. 

Citing an official document, China Star Market said that Suzhou municipal government employees would receive 50% of their May transportation subsidies in DCEP. The digital currency will be issued to them by four state-owned banks, including the Agricultural Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Bank of China, and the China Construction Bank. 

via the Block

Going to get really interesting in the next few months as China starts this roll out.

Things we know for certain

  • China’s set to launch its national blockchain platform on April 25

  • Also this particular platform, Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), is aimed at assisting companies & banks looking to deploy blockchain applications faster, cheaper and at a rapid rate.

Look for an exclusive Thriller Insider release this weekend with my take on where Bitcoin & Crypto is headed based on this rapid development. Remember this was expected later this year. Something changed...