• Car Gonzalez

How MicroStrategy is Building a Warchest for the End of the Decade

Updated: Feb 8

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla who will make it out alive in the 2020’s?

We know Amazon is rumored to be working in some capacity with Bitcoin and Ethereum as reported by us last year. We also know Google has been very Ethereum curious for some time. Microsoft has dipped both is feet into Ethereum and Bitcoin in the past few years and of course its been rumored the past couple weeks Tesla could be announcing something here soon related to Bitcoin on its balance sheet. Of course we know Apple will only jump in when the market is solidified and can be reintroduced to the mainstream with a touch of class only Apple can do.

So the odd man out is ----> Facebook

Something tells me MicroStrategy throws Zuck life preserver or engulfs them whole. Its no secret MicroStrategy is now holding 70,784 Bitcoin in total. According to a recent filing, the firm's average purchase price is around $16,035 per Bitcoin.

According to the Stock to Flow Ratio those Bitcoin will be worth around 1 million a Bitcoin by the end of the decade. Which if they were not to purchase anymore would put them at 70 Trillion by 2028. I go into more about the implications of this on the latest Thriller Rundown only on...Thriller Premium.


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