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Introducing a new model for Thriller Crypto: $TLX Social Currency

TLDR: Thriller Crypto is written by me, Car Gonzalez. I am based in Austin, Texas and partially supported by my work at Thriller Crypto. We are creating ThrillerX ($TLX) to provide social currency to longtime supporters and new investors who are looking to get involved early with what we’re building here at Thriller Crypto.

First lets get the easy stuff out of the way…I am sure by creating this we will be called a shill and a sell out which will ruin the reputation of Thriller Crypto as a platform. But if you ask any of our long time supporters, they will let you know we have never taken any ICO, STO, IEO, Bitcoin or any crypto currencies or utility tokens for coverage on Thriller Crypto. We also have never accepted any ads. We are creating ThrillerX ($TLX) to give people a reason to back one of the hardest working independent analyst, researcher, journalist in the space and create an incentive for them to do it.

This an ambitious problem to try to solve…I know — and also an incredibly important step for us to take. So let me start with where we are…everyone now realizes in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic the importance of making sure you have the correct news delivered. Most important trusted sources I read/listen to these days are from independent journalists, analysts and researchers like myself. It is incredibly important that they stay alive and have the opportunity to flourish during these hard times. It is far too easy as an independent platform to fall victim to chasing; pages views, page rank, subscribers, unique visitors, listener’s and comscores. All in an effort to achieve revenue dollars by any means necessary. Whether that include intrusive Ad companies looking for those high numbers or media companies succumbing to fake those numbers. I didn’t create Thriller Crypto to do that…I want no part of that and for the record I hate ads.

With over 350 episodes I have been releasing bitcoin & crypto podcasts for over 3 years to listeners. I have seen it all in this space and finally have the track record to prove it. As I move forward with Thriller Crypto I want to primarily focus more on the following: Thriller Insider, Thriller Coin Talk, Thriller Insights, Thriller Rundown. These are four very unique bitcoin & crypto podcasts that no one else in the industry is creating, as an independent platform we feature the best research, investigative reporting, industry analysis, crypto project insights, audio op-eds, and token analysis. This package consists of our most highly in-depth, timely and crucial newsletters, blog posts and podcasts, giving you an informational edge over the entire financial bitcoin & crypto industry. It took us a long time to find our footing in this industry and we have had many trials and errors. These days I like to think though we are firing on all cylinders.

Introducing a new social currency, ThrillerX ($TLX)

The ThrillerX token ($TLX) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can find the Contract Address here.

Roll Partnership

We have decided to partner with Roll for this social currency as they have the expertise and infrastructure in place to roll something like this out (no pun intended.) They are pioneering the social money movement, Roll offers an intuitive way for creators to quickly spin up a personal token in a non-technical fashion. What’s unique about Roll is they recently integrated a Uniswap front-end, effectively creating a social currency market for their platform. This provides an easy mechanism for anyone to quickly acquire social currencies without having to worry about brokering OTC deals. Furthermore, the emergence of unique Uniswap pools allows tangible value to be tied to each social currency.

Introducing $TLX Utility

Roll developed this network to make social money as easy as possible to access, store, and exchange across the web while still being interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem. With social money, you can create units of value that can exist independent of any platform you are currently using, even Roll. Roll is designed for anyone with a loyal following that wants to interact with their community across the web.

I have decide to create some incentive for everyone to spend their $TLX on different items. As time goes on will be adding more rewards. The great thing about a utility token in a Thriller Crypto ecosystem is this aspect extends to all $TLX holders regardless if they use Roll or MetaMask or any dozen of Ethereum enabled wallets.

Will start off with the following rewards...

Airdrops to $TLX holders, this will be airdropped at the first of every month this could be anything from NFTs to one of a kind Thriller Crypto media content (at least have 20K of $TLX must be staked at the time of release.)

Check out the rest below...

Purchases for, 1 yr Thriller Crypto Premium subscriptions and any future products we release (can be paid with 14K $TLX.)

1:1 Office Hours, in-line with the topics covered on Thriller Crypto, although tailored topics can be negotiated (20K $TLX.)

Writing a, Guest Blog or Newsletter Post to your audience (20K $TLX.)

AMA for the bitcoin, crypto curious people out in the interwebs, ask me a question and I'll answer on my social. Make sure you have notifications on. (1K $TLX.)

This is just the beginning will release more with time. I encourage you to grab your free $TLX here on our ROLL page.

Onwards & Upwards...🚀

- Car Gonzalez


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