• Car Gonzalez

One Satoshi at a Time: How Bitcoin Will Change The World

Updated: Apr 23

So excited to announce this Bitcoin AudioBook as you know this has been in the making for almost a full year at this point.

Also check out the amazing cover art by Lucho Poletti and please support his Bitcoin Art He is an amazing artist and a true believer in Bitcoin.

The release of, "One Satoshi at a Time: How Bitcoin Will Change The World" will be released on August 18th the anniversary of when Satoshi Nakamoto registered Bitcoin.org

My hope for this project is to spread awareness of this Bitcoin AudioBook and give it away for free to everyone on Bandcamp. It was made with the intention to spread adoption & awareness of Bitcoin nothing else. We still have one more major announcement to come. As we get closer to the release date I will be sharing a private stream on Bandcamp (am still working with them on releasing this gigantic audio project, link is not live just yet) so stay turned for that. If you miss the pre-release stream that is okay you will officially be able to stream or download the full audiobook on the release date August 18th 2020. Yes it will be free forever.

I created a Thriller Podcast Mini below explaining more in detail what to expect from the Bitcoin AudioBook.

Also available on Skynet....here -->