• Car Gonzalez

The Internet is about to change forever...

Today is the product of more than 20 years combined engineering and operational effort. The vast majority of this time was spent in builder’s limbo. Almost weekly we would get the question: “when are you going to market? When are you building a business development team?”, and we had to keep answering, “the tech is not ready”. And after years of patience both from our community and investors, we can finally step forward. The tech is ready.
Skynet is a permanent home for data and applications. It’s an unbiased substrate where files and applications can be deployed that will long outlast their original uploader. Much like Bitcoin, Skynet is an independent organism that operates on marketplaces and incentive structures, rather than cloud servers and human intervention.

This is going to throw a wrench in everything. The fact that it is decentralized is a major accomplishment, hats off to David & the rest of the Sia Team for keeping their heads down and building this all these years. I uploaded Mnomo 48000 1.wav Thriller News Intro Music to Skynet to test it. Take a listen here

It will be a slow build but as time passes and more Web3 technologies start to emerge you will see Skynet take on a life of its own. I will look for every opportunity to use Skynet going forward.

Go play and build...its live now.