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Another Thriller Creation is upon us "Thriller Bitcoin" is Live!

Updated: Aug 15

Bitcoin frees humanity from the shackles of a centralized monetary system, untouchable by governments, where value could be transmitted without corruption. Bitcoin is freedom.

Patreon cancelled us. We received requests to pull episodes from Substack. We are being attacked left and right, so I get it. Bitcoin is freedom and the censorship of it will continue, which is why we are announcing our own Bitcoin site.

Our mission is to make sure Bitcoin frees humanity from the shackles of a monetary system controlled by a central bank, untouchable by governments, and where value could be transmitted without corruption or interference and/or unaffected by international borders.

We want humanity to thrive and prosper but right now more than 50% of the world’s population lives under an authoritarian regime and it's growing faster. Bitcoin is freedom and we're here to make sure this happens for everyone.

THRILLER BITCOIN IS AN INDEPENDENT BITCOIN PUBLICATION. Simply put, Thriller Bitcoin was born out of necessity and right now is a pivotal point in Bitcoin's history. When we look back, we would have known that 2020 was the crucial point in human history and we the people had the opportunity to unshackle ourselves from the greed of central bankers. We want to ensure there is a publication free of ads, paywall, and/or other liabilities that could limit our coverage.

We are not beholden or reliant on any type of reader, subscribers, cpms, seo, and/or other media industry metrics; we will leave that in the 20th century. We are 100% independent and supported by our listeners, donors, and the plebs.

Thank you listeners & readers in getting us this far. We appreciate all the support. Bitcoin is freedom. Follow for all the latest posts. Pardon the mess, while we import old posts, and that only means more free/new Bitcoin content to come.

Thriller Premium is not going anywhere, we will always host free Thriller “Podcasts.”

More content is coming this month, so stay tuned, we will be moving her at some point too.

Also we have a donors page at Thriller Bitcoin, it’s a small way to thank our supporters every calendar year. If you have donated to us in 2021 or are a Thriller Premium subscriber and would like your company name/handle listed, email me at and I will gladly add you to our page. I appreciate your support, you keep us alive.

thank you for attending my Ted Talk X.

- car

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