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Thriller Premium Move to a Donation Only Model

Updated: Aug 1

Why we decided to make the shift from a Premium Paywall Model to a Donation Model for Thriller Premium.

Starting in July 2021, Thriller Premium will make the move from a Premium Paywall Model to a Donation Model. We currently use Substack for our Podcast Newsletter that we have been releasing since 2019. However, we feel now more than ever that Bitcoin-focused investigative content, reporting, and news is necessary. It is clear to me now that there is an attack on Bitcoin from the mainstream media companies, in and outside of our industry, we are 100% certain this is coming from WEF, central banks, and other high profile fiat maximalists. We want to make sure we are not beholden to anyone (including our subscribers) when we investigate and report in defense of Bitcoin. We want to keep our Independence in tact (one of the many reasons why we started Thriller X Recordings LLC this year). We will rely on donations from our readers and listeners as a key funding source for our journalism. As a donator, you help us hold the line and defend Bitcoin at all cost; your entire contribution to Thriller Premium goes to the support we need to pay for the overhead costs running a publication, and in order to investigate stories that the mainstream media inside our industry will not cover (look at this and this) nor the the mainstream media outside of our industry.

How to Start Donating to Thriller Premium?

There are a few ways you can support Thriller Premium directly:

To make a donation using your credit card, you can continue doing this every month via Substack.

If you would like to mail a check or money order:

Car González P.O. Box 40952 Austin, Texas 78704

Or donate with Bitcoin or Lightning via our BTCPay Server below.

One question most Bitcoiners will ask is why do you use centralized services like Twitter, Substack, and Medium. Currently these three platforms allow us to get the most reach and to spread word about the stark differences in central banking, scam coins, and Bitcoin (we get to orange pill no coiners). I encourage you to please share, like, retweet, and follow. If we are doing our job correctly we will be banned from these platforms in time so don’t worry (we have already been banned on Patreon hence Substack👌).

So please subscribe via email on Thriller Premium to keep you up to date of where we move to in the event this happens. Also, if any Bitcoin Devs would love to help us move our data to a decentralized twitter/substack medium-like platform, please contact me. We could really use the help right now, currently its myself (Car González) and Javier, my intern.

Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

- Car

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